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Edgefield Stoneware and Vintage Pottery

  Thomas Chandler churn Edgefield pottery

Thomas Chandler

Edgefield Churn

Signed by Chandler


Edgefield churns are very rare!



Dave the Slave signed jug

Dave the Slave

Edgefield Jar

Signed by Dave with the following inscription:  "October 31: 1849 Dave Lm"


Excellent condition, no chips or cracks!

B Flandrum Edgefield pottery

Abner Landrum

Edgefield District Columbia South Carolina Pottery


 Ca 1845, Abner Landrum

  Dave the Slave Edgefield pottery

Dave the Slave

Edgefield Jug

Attributed to Dave Drake, a slave ca 1840


Rare and beautiful piece found at the Stoney Bluff Lewis Miles site!


Bethune SC Face Jug

Kershaw County SC

Attributed to Guy Daugherty ca 1920's


Vintage Southern Pottery face jug

Arie Meaders pottery

Arie Meaders

Decorated Bowl

Folk pottery of Arie Meaders ca 1950's

Offered at $1200


More Details

      Dave the slave Edgefield pottery

Lewis Miles

Edgefield Pottery

Made by Dave Drake, a slave ca 1850

Initialed by Lewis Miles
















Edgefield Pottery

Edgefield pottery was made near the small town of Edgefield, South Carolina from about 1812 until the 1920s.  Early on, Edgefield pottery was made by trained journeman potters who came to Edgefield from the pottery centers of the Mid Atlantic States.  Later, local men were trained as potters, and eventually slaves wer also taught how to turn the pots, glaze, and fire them.  Over the course of time, many different shapes, forms, decorations and glazes were made in the Edgefield pottery district and then used by the folks that bought them.

The Edgefield tradition of alkaline glaze stoneware traveled west with the pioneers from about 1820 until as late as 1860, establishng potteries from Georgia to Arkansas and Texas.  Here on my website, I hope to offer you some of the variety of Edgefield South Carolina pottery that has survived and is being collected and treasured today.  Enjoy!


Phil Wingard

Phil Wingard has been collecting and dealing in Edgefield pottery since 1982.  Phil has a limited inventory of Thomas Chandler stoneware, Dave the Slave pottery, and other Edgefield pieces.  If you have questions about Edgefield stoneware, or would like to buy or sell Edgefield pottery, please email Phil at


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