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Lewis Miles Pottery

Edgefield Pot signed by Lewis Miles


This is a genuine pot made by David Drake, a slave working for Lewis Miles ca 1850.

It was made to hold meat or other food items for use on a plantation or large farm.

It stands 15" tall and has 5 punctuates to indicate 5 gallons.

It is signed in script "LM" for Lewis Miles, the owner of the pottery.  This pot was made at Stoney Bluff Pottery, not far from Miles Mill in Edgefield County, South Carolina.

See pictures for condition.  Theare are no repairs of any kind, and I can find no cracks.  There is some glaze crawl that occurred during the firing.

Great find!


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Lewis Miles pottery


Lewis Miles pottery by David Drake



Lewis Miles pot by David Drake


Lewis Miles pottery Edgefield

Lewis Miles pottery Edgefield



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Dave the Slave Pottery

Dave the Slave was an American potter from the Edgefield region of South Carolina.  Born in 1801, Dave served in the household of Harvey Drake until 1832.  Dave was a literate slave, a rarity during those times.  He composed poetry and was know to inscribe short verses on his pottery pieces.

After emancipation, Dave adopted his last name of "Drake" and continued making pottery.  Pieces of Dave's pottery sometimes display the initials "LM" for Lewis Miles, who owned the pottery workshop where Dave worked.

Some of Dave's pottery is on display at The Smithsonian, as part of the Civil War collection.


Phil Wingard has been collecting and dealing in Edgefield pottery since 1982.  Phil has a limited inventory of Thomas Chandler stoneware, Dave the Slave pottery, and other Edgefield pieces.  If you have questions about Edgefield stoneware, or would like to buy or sell Edgefield pottery, please contact Phil.