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Thomas Chandler Stoneware

Edgefield Churn signed by Chandler


This is a rare Thomas Chandler white slip decorated five gallon churn made in Edgefield, South Carolina ca 1850.

Edgefield stoneware churns are very rare, and only a few have survived.

Thomas Chandler was a master potter who was trained in Baltimore, and then made his way south during the 1830's.  He was in Edgefield SC making pottery by 1838.

Thomas Chandler also worked at the Phoenix Factory and the Trapp & Chandler pottery in the 1840's, and was running his own Thomas Chandler pottery factory by 1850.

This pot was made near Kirksey's Crossroads ca 1850.  It stands 18" tall.  It has some rim repair that was done about ten years ago, and could be redone or left as is.  There are no other condition issues.

Great Edgefield decorated churn at a great price. 


Contact Phil Wingard about purchasing this piece of Edgefield pottery.

signature Thomas Chandler churn

The churn is signed "Chandler" just below the rim.

Thomas Chandler churn front side



back view Thomas Chandler churn


side view Thomas Chandler churn

side view Thomas Chandler churn





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